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Open letter from Rugby Coach Partick Quan:

Dear Fresno State Rugby Community;

I like to think if one imagined the ultimate culture to surround a sport it would be much like rugby. It is a sport steeped in tradition that promotes respect and camaraderie as a result, not despite, rugby's physical and competitive nature. At Fresno State we support the rich history of rugby globally, here in America and locally in the San Joaquin Valley but also embrace its progress as the fastest growing team sport in the United States and its new inclusion in the Summer Olympics. Efforts within Fresno State and the local rugby and business communities have never been as engaged or aligned as they are now. This united endeavor is aimed at creating a program that the university, local community, players and fans will be proud to represent and support.

Mock Fresno State vs UC Davis

Our goal at Fresno State Rugby is simply to get better; as a student, boss, friend, father or athlete, our possibilities are endless. As Vince Lombardi eloquently states, “The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.” We have made that commitment here at Fresno State Rugby and humbly ask you to join us.


Patrick M. Quan
Head Coach / Fresno State Men's Rugby

Rugby culture is created out of two different, but connected, parts: The sense of brotherhood (or sisterhood) and camaraderie shared between players in a club; and the mutual respect between all clubs, which comes from their collective respect for the game... In reality, part of what draws people to the game – players and fans alike – is the cultural core of rugby. It features a noble and honorable combination of camaraderie, loyalty and respect that’s not found in other sports. -
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